Buying a Used Frozen Yogurt Machine Online

Are you browsing the web for frozen yogurt machines trying to find the best deal? Have the most attractive prices been on Amazon or Ebay?

There is a lot to consider when buying a used yogurt machine such as warranties and service. In many cases that price is low because it doesn’t include those things. But depending on your business and resources, buying through a site like ebay may be your best option. Here are some things I found that might help you make the right decision.

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If you are going to purchase a soft serve ice cream machine on ebay always verify the following are available at your location (Please leave feedback below):

A. Do you have Single Or Three Phase electricity, desire air-cooled (moderate temperature climates and location placement in air conditioned or extremely well ventilated room and plenty of vent space around unit) or water cooled (warm climates, poorly ventilated placement), and the serial number and voltage ( Are electrical plugs or is the unit hardwired?).

B. Request a photo of the inside of the inside of the freezing cylinder(s) which is the location(s) behind the door of the unit where the flavor or flavors are dispensed. There should be metal beaters inside these chambers that turn to keep the ice cream from completely freezing and not dispensing. These can be found on ebay fairly priced and from a Taylor dealer be prepared for about $300 for one. This price is possible to negotiate if you are pleasant and mention that you are considering purchasing one from ebay for lower price.

C. Ask for a photo of the top of the machine with and without the hopper lids. Different units have different parts in the hopper so if there are none add $150 and if there are no lids another $200.

D. Is the machine on casters (full size units) and are they casters in good condition or are they prominently flat on one side. If these units are not moved on a regular basis the wheels become flat. This also means the unit was probably not properly maintained.

Taylor Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines are the Best In Performance and extremely profitable. Yes, they are expensive new but that is because they are of the highest quality. If you cannot afford new and purchase a Taylor used on ebay be prepared to pay additional expenses if you do not ask the above listed questions. If you buy a Taylor Soft Serve from 1985 or newer and for less than $3000 and usually the worst case scenario is a $3000 in additional expenses which if you don’t know a retired Taylor Tech then use a Taylor Distributor. They are worth the few extra dollars and also guarantee labor and parts on replacements. A used working $6000 Taylor is well worth the investment if you cannot afford to buy one new. Some Taylor dealers also have refurbished units in-stock and with a one-year warranty and at a very fair price. If you do not ask you will not know.

SaniServ is also a reputable manufacturer and especially for frozen beverages like Margarita’s and Daquiri’s. Stoelting, Electrofreeze, and others are also available. Taylor does have about 80% of the market so they must be doing something right.


There are plenty of options out there so that yo get the right machines for you business and can afford them. Options such as refurbished models from distributors and leasing options.

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