Frozen yogurt Shop Marketing Tips: Email Marketing

Looking to grow your email list for your frozen yogurt shop? Is your subscriber list stagnating for your newsletters?

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Here is a fun idea to get some great feedback on top of growing your email list for your froyo shop! One word; Survey!

I know, I know. Surveys are lame and time consuming and waste paper. This is was true, but now we have technology that makes it a breeze. Here is how you do it. Have an ipad mounted in your frozen yogurt shop with the survey on it. All they have to do is enter their email, answer a few questions about what your want feedback on. Maybe the atmosphere and design, maybe what they think the shop is missing, or about the service. Either way, you will end up with a ton of email addresses of actual locals so you can send out friendly reminders and news updates about your business.


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Now, how do we get them to take the survey? Well you one, need to let them know that it’s available, easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. and upon completion they will receive something that they would value. weather that be a discount on their next yogurt, or a buy one get one coupon. That part is up to you.

Next question; how do I set up a survey? Simple! there are all kinds of websites that allow you to make your own surveys for free. Along with this ability to make your own survey they provide analytics and information on the survey takers, yippy! It’s the kind of information companies have to pay marketing firms thousands of dollars to gather, and you can do it your self at a more than reasonable price! So what are you waiting for?


What’s the Best Frozen Yogurt Scale?

Frozen Yogurt Scale Reviews

All of these scales have been used in the self serve frozen yogurt industry. They can be used manually and integrate with your point of sale system or computer. I have spoken with some frozen yogurt experts to get some additional information to help you with your frozen yogurt scale decision.

Avery Berkel
Avery 6712

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Avery has a long history in manufacturing scales and are available worldwide. They are predominantly used in small grocery store, delis and frozen yogurt stores. More notably, they are an inexpensive alternative to other scales in the self serve frozen yogurt industry.

The Avery Berkel 6712 is ideal for shops that have limited counter space as it’s dimensions are 10″ x 10″ and 2.5″ high. This scale uses a serial connection to integrate with a computer. The display has to be mounted, so it requires some assembly. The weighing platform is stainless steel and can fit up to 4 frozen yogurt cups.

Avery has had a change in ownership a few years back. Before the change the quality of the scales was sufficient and reliable. Since the change there have been a number of issues and the quality just hasn’t been restored since. A source (frozen yogurt shop owner) has reported that they had received a scale that didn’t work, so Avery took it back and shipped out another, and that one failed to function properly as well. There have been a number of issues such as:

* display not working
* unable to calibrate the scale
* bad motherboard

Therefore, this scale is not recommended unless you find one from 4-5 years ago. If you can find one from then, the life on the scale should still be good for a long time.


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The CAS Scale has had the best feedback so far and would be my overall recommendation. The CAS Scale is a popular choice in the frozen yogurt industry. The dimensions on this scale are 15(W)x11(D)x3.1(H) and can fit around 6-8 frozen yogurt cups. CAS has two displays that are flush with the scale and require no assembly.

A nice feature about the CAS scale is that is can measure in ounces as well as in pounds. Now for frozen yogurt, this may seem a little odd. But, in some states such as Ohio, the Department of Weights and Measures only allowed businesses to sell in pounds. Sounds a little funny, but in Ohio’s case that was the law (they have changed it now), but the point is that it was important to have a scale that could easily convert the weight and CAS scales have that function.

Mettler Toledo

The Mettler Toledo Scale can also weigh in pounds, but you have to make sure you get the right version because there is a version of this same scale that doesn’t have that function. The Mettler scale is somewhat of an in between scale as it has the durability of a CAS Scale and the size of an Avery (holds 4 frozen yogurt cups). The only caveat is that it is about twice the price of either scale.

The other thing to be aware of with this scale is that they do not provide direct service. they will give you the number of the local service technician. Therefore, the service can vary. There has been reports of issues that have taken a year to resolve because the local tech company.

“We contacted the service company to see if they could convert the scale. The service company took the scale saying they would convert it and returned it in non working condition. Then we received an invoice claiming they converted it for us, when in reality they broke it. What happened was we had the version that could not be converted into pounds and the service guy didn’t check the serial number to verify. It was kind of a nightmare, because every time we contacted Mettler, they just pointed us back to the company that broke our scale. We just felt like we got the runaround and it took a year of talking to many representatives before they finally apologized and offered to have the scale sent to them for repair.”

Cindy, Frozen Yogurt Shop Owner, OH

Lauren Zerweck is a Marketing and Communications Consultant for small businesses and specializes in point of sale. You can find her on Google+.

Frozen Yogurt Shop Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Happy Hour, it’s not just for Bars & Restaurants and it doesn’t only mean cheaper beer and cocktails. Happy Hour is being used in a number of businesses such as cafe’s and frozen yogurt shops.

One of the biggest name in the coffee business, Starbucks, knows the value of extra incentive in between rush times. For them those hours are 3-5pm, they also have something called a treat receipt that they give out in the morning to motivate you to come back after 2pm to get a half off drink.

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Frozen Yogurt Promotions

Frozen Yogurt Shops are also taking notice to the appeal and value of happy hour. Think about it, while loyalty programs are very important to maintaining a customer base, having happy hour increases your sales in between your rush time which in turn increases your over-all foot traffic for the day.

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Let’s look at some of the happy hours for frozen yogurt shops. The slower hours for frozen yogurt shops are a bit different from restaurants, bars, and cafes. For some locations the hours are may be sporadic and others they may be certain days of the week that they are looking to increase foot traffic on. Take a look at your sales and try to identify the common trends and hours. Then identify your goals and see what is reasonable in regards to your budget.

The beauty of having happy hours are that they can be tested, controlled and easily changed. Be sure to utilize social media such as twitter and facebook to promote your happy hours. Having an in store sign is also important in notifying customers of great times to come back for a treat. And if you plan on really honing your marketing skills and running different campaigns throughout the year, which is highly recommended, might I suggest a digital menu board. having this marketing tool not only engages your customers to better communicate your message, but it’s easily changed at a low cost so you can gain valuable insight on your clientele to better maximize your campaign effectiveness.

Fun Frozen Yogurt Shop Q & A

Q: Why Frozen Yogurt?


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A: According to the frozen yogurt industry grew by 16 percent between 2003 to 2009. It’s no wonder so many or jumping on the frozen yogurt bandwagon and opening up their own shop or franchise. If you are noticing the health and fitness trend and are thinking “how can I use this trend to my advantage?”, frozen yogurt may be the answer for you.

Q: What about the economy?

A: Even with the dips and dives of the market over the recent past, people are still buying that something sweet once or twice a week at least. The larger purchases are the one people are less willing to part with their money for.

Q: What if I already have a restaurant, should I get a frozen yogurt machine?

A: Adding a frozen yogurt maker or two adds to your business and show that you are aware of food and health trends. Adding this to your menu makes kids happy and their parents even happier because they can treat their kid and feel good about it.

Q: What kind of machine should I get?

A: When looking for a frozen yogurt machine, the most important component is quality as in the quality of the product produced. There are a number of ways that the machines work that affect the overall quality. Things to look at would be the mixes, the service and upkeep, and overall appearance. You can go new and lease or used and get a huge price break, just remember that this in an investment so you want certain features such as warranties and service. Every yogurt shop is a bit different when it comes to business plan, take a look at your budget and future projections and all options before making a decision because the yogurt machines are the core of your frozen yogurt business.

Q: What about location?

A: Good frozen yogurt can be insensitive to drive mile to acquire, or is more often than not, an impulse decision; they see, they want, they buy. Therefore it is important to be visible, have an attractive shop, and be somewhere with a lot of foot traffic. Also, it helps to make your shop a place that people want to stay in, so inviting seating a wifi can make all the difference in your day to day sales.

Q: What about Accounting a Management, is it hard to keep track of frozen yogurt?

A: With the right tools its extremely simple. It’s best to find a Point of sale system that has software and hardware designed for the Frozen Yogurt Business. This way you are working with professionals that are  knowledgeable and have experience in the frozen yogurt industry. They Look for features such as user friendly, inventory tracking and customer loyalty programs. Also check to make sure the setup process is seamless and with a few simple training sessions that will make managing your shop like second nature.