How a Simple Frozen Yogurt Sale Can Lead to Viral Marketing Success

Sales are as traditional and tried and true a marketing technique that there is. In fact most retail stores make their the majority of their profits for the year during the Holiday shopping season which features some of the most heavily discounted days of the year and most bars/restaurants do some of their best business during Happy Hour due to the discounted prices. After all the saying if it’s not broke, don’t fix it has been proven true time and time again for the same reason business owners keep using sales and discounts to make higher profits. To put it simply they just work.


Now in today’s day and age sales can be more than meets the eye. In some cases a simple sale can not only lead to an increase in business for the day, but more viral marketing success than money could buy.


A Menchie’s frozen yogurt franchise in Dublin California learned exactly that over the Holidays.

The Menchie’s franchise offered a promotion one night that read, “Come in tonight to Menchie’s between 5-10pm and fill your cup as high as you can for only $5! We can’t wait to mix it up with you!” A local woman named Roselatte and four friends saw the AD and took the shop up on it’s challenge.

Frozen Yogurt Challenge Accepted


When all was said and done Roselatte and her friends walked away with 58 oz of frozen yogurt worth $26 for $5.45 after tax.

Frozen Yogurt Sale Viral Marketing


Now instead of feeling like they were getting jipped the store’s owners and employees loved the stunt and decided to play along. They gave the group of friends a couple free waffle bowls to provide structural integrity for the finished behemoth asking only that the group share the picture on Facebook to help promote the store. And now that the picture has gone viral with thousands of views and comments on Reddit the store has more than gotten their money’s worth in all the free promotion.

And yes Roselatte was happy to report that the group of friends successfully ate all that frozen yogurt.

Best Frozen Yogurt Shop Point of Sale


Use National Frozen Yogurt Day to Grow your Business

Superbowl Sunday is over and Valentine’s Day is still about two weeks away. What will we as a nation do to help get us over the disappointment of a dull Superbowl game and looking forward to the day of love? Why, frozen yogurt of course! This week is National Frozen Yogurt Day! While the actual date is disputed, February 3rd… 6th… 7th, I don’t know, frozen yogurt chains across the country are celebrating it this week. How is your frozen yogurt shop going to celebrate?


Yougurtland declared today, Monday February 3rd National Frozen Yogurt Day giving customers free frozen yogurt and toppings from 4-7pm at all participating locations. They’re also debuting their color-changing spoons and commemorative cups.

Menchie’s is hosting it this Thursday February 6th, by giving out free 6 oz. of frozen yogurt all day when you bring in a coupon.

Pinkberry, too, is celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day on February 6th from 3 to 7pm with a free small pinkberry froyo with toppings in exchange for a facebook ‘like’ on their local pinkberry facebook page.

What can we learn from Pinkberry, Menchie’s, and Yogurtland’s National Frozen Yogurt Day marketing campaigns?

Each of these major chains have implemented different marketing strategies for their National Frozen Yogurt Day promotions, taking a look at each of their goals and direction will give you a better grasp on how to model yours!

1. Yogurtland

Goal: Driving Traffic to Shop

Date of Promotion: Monday Feb. 3rd, 4-7pm

Promotion: Free yogurt and toppings, with commemorative color changing spoon and cup.

The date that Yogurtland has chosen for their National Frozen Yogurt Day promotion is not arbitrary. Last year, Yogurtland held their annual frozen yogurt day promotion on February 4th, still a Monday. This means that Yogurtlands strategic marketing goals include:

  • driving traffic to locations on Monday afternoons.

By placing their promotion on Monday afternoons we can assume that Yogurtland’s main goal from this marketing strategy is to get more people into their shop during the given timeframe.

Coupling this promotion on a day that you want to encourage foot traffic into your shop is a great strategy to boost sales on a relatively slow day while encouraging newcomers to continue to visit on monday afternoons.


2. Menchie’s

Goal: Attracting New Customers

Date of promotion: Thursday February 6th, All Day

Promotion: Free 6 oz. yogurt with coupon

Menchie’s frozen yogurt coupon online indicates the social media engagement they’re going for in this promotion. Hosting the promotion on a Thursday, a relatively steady sales night for many frozen yogurt shops shows that they want to drive most of their traffic to their facebook profiles and online presence where they are hosting the coupon. By hosting a coupon as opposed to a facebook ‘like’ or follow indicates the clientel they are trying to get at. Less adolescent, more families.

Hosting the coupon online makes them accessible to both demographics but the idea of a coupon appeals more to the mother/father niche than teenager.

Also, by requiring a coupon and offering all day free yogurt on a Thursday, Menchies is trying to attract new customers using the convenience of the day and flexibility of time. These elements makes Menchie’s as approachable as possible and the coupon makes a fairly attractive advertisement as well especially with all the opportunities for sharing on their facebook page.

3. Pinkberry

Goal: Social Media Engagement

Date of promotion: Thursday February 6th, 3-7pm.

Promotion: Free small froyo with toppings in exchange for facebook ‘like.’

This social media centric marketing strategy builds engagement for Pinkberry. By exchanging a free cup of yogurt for extended social media exposure. They are directly cultivating their brand image and increasing their exposure and engagement with their audience.

Pinkberry has long been fostering their social media program and online presence. This directed campaign is looking for encourage engagement for each individual store’s social media community, strengthening their overall brand image. They do this using other social media strategies such as branding their own hashtag #Pinkberryobsession.

Just like these brands make sure that your frozen yogurt promotion for National Frozen Yogurt Day is getting you closer to one of your business marketing goals!


Favorite Frozen Yogurt Flavors for Summer Time!

Summer is here! also known as the frozen yogurt season. While frozen yogurt is popular year round, it is especially popular in the summer. What other treat offers the cold and refreshing flavors at half the calories? Speaking of flavors, we have noticed some fun new flavors that have been a real hit this summer along with some traditional flavors.

If you are a frozen yogurt store owner, these flavors may be the answer to beating out your competitors. It’s all about “Refreshing” this season, and these 6 flavors will ensure flocks of people are flooding through your doors.

1. Strawberry – Summer’s favorite fruit is a mainstay classic to the Frozen Yogurt industry. People love strawberry’s in the summer as it is their season. And, the perfect mixture of big savory sweetness, with just a hint of tart, means customer satisfaction. Strawberry may seem obvious, but the idea is to have everyone’s favorite along with the exciting new flavors. Plus you can always mix the two!

2. Pomegranate – This antioxidant powerhouse is beloved by many a health-nut and for good reason. Pomegranate is proven to reduce the risk of heart problems and it’s antioxidant properties are great for naturally lowering high blood pressure and is considered to be one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. A great organic pomegranate yogurt with some blueberries and granola is just what the health-conscience summertime treat-seeker will order.

3. Greek – The best thing about Greek yogurt, is that it is a broad and healthy style of yogurt which can be found in multiple styles and flavors. Greek FroYo can also be paired with just about any topping for a refreshing, healthy or indulgent feel. Stocking your store with any Honey, Vanilla, Fruit or Mixed flavor Greek yogurt is sure to peak more than a few people’s interest this Summer.

4. Sorbet – Nothing says refreshing quite like a powerful sorbet in the Summer. With dozens of options ranging from Orange to Mango, Watermelon to Lemonade there are no shortage of great sorbet styled Frozen Yogurts out there for you to choose from. A sorbet’s rich and tart tinge leaves customers wanting more and will have them lined up around the corner.

5. Passion Fruit – When it comes to a refreshing tropical flavor, the passionfruit is second to none. The Brazilian fruit is a must-have for those seeking a light, but exciting alternative to the typically indulgent year-round flavors. With a strong tart flavor and citrus overtones, the passionfruit is the perfect summertime treat.

6. Piña Colada – If you like Piña Coladas, let’s face it who doesn’t, then you will love the  Piña Colada flavored frozen yogurt. The best part is that Piña Colada is not only indulgent and refreshing it also has a very luxurious feel to it, plus it goes great with chocolate. If your customers are looking for something exceptional, might you suggest adding coconut shavings and pineapple slices to their summer treat?

Having a wide selection of Summer specific flavors as well as the classics is a great game plan for the Summer time. You can then track what they are going after, that way you can be well prepared for you busiest season.




Frozen Yogurt Shop Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Happy Hour, it’s not just for Bars & Restaurants and it doesn’t only mean cheaper beer and cocktails. Happy Hour is being used in a number of businesses such as cafe’s and frozen yogurt shops.

One of the biggest name in the coffee business, Starbucks, knows the value of extra incentive in between rush times. For them those hours are 3-5pm, they also have something called a treat receipt that they give out in the morning to motivate you to come back after 2pm to get a half off drink.

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Frozen Yogurt Promotions

Frozen Yogurt Shops are also taking notice to the appeal and value of happy hour. Think about it, while loyalty programs are very important to maintaining a customer base, having happy hour increases your sales in between your rush time which in turn increases your over-all foot traffic for the day.

frozen yogurt, happy hour, social media, facebook, twitter, pos, point of sale system, digital menu board, best , affordable

Let’s look at some of the happy hours for frozen yogurt shops. The slower hours for frozen yogurt shops are a bit different from restaurants, bars, and cafes. For some locations the hours are may be sporadic and others they may be certain days of the week that they are looking to increase foot traffic on. Take a look at your sales and try to identify the common trends and hours. Then identify your goals and see what is reasonable in regards to your budget.

The beauty of having happy hours are that they can be tested, controlled and easily changed. Be sure to utilize social media such as twitter and facebook to promote your happy hours. Having an in store sign is also important in notifying customers of great times to come back for a treat. And if you plan on really honing your marketing skills and running different campaigns throughout the year, which is highly recommended, might I suggest a digital menu board. having this marketing tool not only engages your customers to better communicate your message, but it’s easily changed at a low cost so you can gain valuable insight on your clientele to better maximize your campaign effectiveness.